B2C Travel Booking System


B2C Travel Portal

EcoTrime Solutions has developed an insightful B2C Travel portal that works as multifaceted solutions for travel firms that are addressing their consumers. Our B2C booking engine system provide the accurate service that make booking procedure hassle free and quicker for all customers whether they are from corporate or individuals.

EcoTrime Solutions has finest travel software for travel agencies and it assists them to enhance their profits without paying commission to any travel agents

With the help of our travel search/booking engine, travellers are their own agents and our portal allows customers to book travel services online directly.

There is no need to get the assistance of any tour operator or travel agent. Our travel portal is integrated with advanced API where customers can get plentiful service options. Travellers can book domestic and international products through any gadgets.

Advantages of EcoTrime Solutions Travel booking Engine/Portal

  • Enhance reach and visibility of your business crossways international markets.
  • Entertain consumers while non working duration so that you can engage yourself in other queries.
  • The automatic procedure trim down endeavor needed to entertain customer’s query.
  • Highlighting product information like contact details, benefits, images, reviews and rating to attract more consumers.
  • User can sell numerous travel services and product under one brand name.
  • Increase consumer loyalty and base by selling products directly to the buyers at a reasonable cost.

Key features of our of B2C Travel Portal

  • Live chat features to listen to customer’s queries and address them.
  • Customer’s review and Feedback feature.
  • Bookings of cars, holiday package, Flights, Hotels, and Buses.
  • Payment gateway integration for transparent and safe payment.
  • API incorporation of numerous suppliers and GDS.
  • Membership and registration for users.
  • Multi currency and linguistic feature in Travel booking portal.
  • Well trained, supportive and highly knowledgeable customer support team.
  • Feature to manage separate classification option for B2B and B2C customers.
  • Customer friendly front end and back end system.
  • Multiple payment features available on all B2C Travel Portals.
  • Create holiday packages, tour destination, special offers and features travel solution visible on home page.
  • Real time inventory mechanism of cars, buses, hotels and flight bookings.

In our customer friendly online travel booking engine, one can incorporate several third-party suppliers, global distributors, Car Rentals, XML/API for Flights, Travel Insurance and so on. Our online travel booking engine can function even in international market. It subsequently helps users to build their business online to get more business leads, hotel bookings and gaining excessive revenue. The B2C travel booking engine enables a direct relation between Travel Company and customers

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